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Lucienne Butane (300ml)

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  • Ultra-Refined Sulfur-Free Butane Fuel:  The sulfur-free butane fuel is significantly less likely to clog the jets or corrode any internal components in your lighter, containing fewer impurities. With this highly purified premium butane lighter refill, your lighter will not only operate better but will last a lot longer.
  • High Performing Butane Gas: Lucienne excellently made butane refill produces an intensely hot flame, created to significantly minimize the pollutants that lead to clogged burner valves, misfires, and malfunctions, and will keep your lighter operating at its best and protect against expensive repairs.
  • Multi-Purpose Butane Fuel Refill: This butane gas can is made to be used with reusable lighters, butane torch lighters, candle lighters, and flex necks to provide long-lasting gas that is efficient and leakproof.
  • Nozzle Adapter: The butane refill for torch lighter contains 5 different nozzles inside the lid, made with flexible plastic to create the best seal and prevent any leaking. The long nozzle butane fuel is constructed with premium quality material and an alternative to metal to ensure optimal fit and secure refills.
  • Efficient Burning: The butane fuel refill for torch ensures the taste of your cigar remains unchanged for high quality and matchless results. The refined butane refill provides 300ml of butane for optimal value and functionality.