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Hits Blunt

Hits Blunt Hemp Wraps (50-Pack)

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  • 🔥 SLOW BURN BIG HITS - We offer 4 incredible flavors for 420 fans who enjoy a smooth slow burning blunt wrap. Easy to light and stays lit for an even consistent burn on all sides.
  • 💨 SAVE BIG - Each individual fresh seal pack comes with 2 wraps. Choose a single box (50 wraps total) or save big with 2 boxes (100 wraps total). Or choose our best value 4 Box variety pack (200 wraps total - 50 of each flavor).
  • 🔵 BLUEBERRY - Our blueberry wraps are for anyone who loves juicy wraps and a delicious blueberry flavor.
  • 😎 ORIGINAL - Our original wrap has a mellow natural hemp flavor that won't overpower your herbs. Perfect for OGs who like to keep it simple and pure.
  • 🍯 SWEET - Our sweet wraps live up to their name with a mouthwatering sweetness that leaves a delightful sugary aftertaste.
  • 🤍🍇 WHITE GRAPE - Our white grape wraps pack a punch of tart juicy grape that tastes mainly sweet with a hint of sour.
  • 🌿 ORGANIC WRAPS - 100% organic hemp wraps.