How-to-Use your BoroBuddy 🧲



1. Rinse your piece with warm water
2. Attach a blue cleaning pad to the matching magnetic cleaner
3. Coat the blue pad with water or a splash of BoroBuddy Cleaning Solution (for best results)
4. Insert magnetic cleaner into the joint or neck of your piece 
5. Use BoroBuddy Handle to attract scrubber to the wall of your piece 
6. Scrub all stains by manipulating the BoroBuddy Handle
7. Remove magnetic cleaner from your piece, using forceps to remove the dirty cleaning pad
8. Thoroughly rinse again with water. Enjoy your clean piece!



- Potential Choke Hazard, Do NOT place BoroBuddy components in mouth - Keep from small children
- Only use (1) magnetic cleaner at a time (bar OR cylinder)
- DO NOT force the cleaner inside the piece if the fit is tight
- DO NOT shake the piece with the magnetic cleaner inside
- DO NOT store BoroBuddy inside of your piece
- Best used with BoroBuddy cleaning solution or warm water inside the piece