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KOZO Grinders

Kozo Grinder

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Crafted with Aircraft-Grade Aluminum- Built with precision from aircraft-grade aluminum (Al – 6061), our grinder is designed to endure the test of time, ensuring it will withstand daily use for years to come.

Unique Grip:
Our grinder features a unique grip that ensures easy handling and twisting, making the grinding process comfortable.

Magnetic Top:
The strong magnetic top of our grinder prevents material spillage, providing a mess free and convenient grinding experience.

Sharp Teeth:
With sharp teeth that grind your flower to the perfect consistency, our grinder ensures a smooth and efficient process without over-shredding

Tall Mesh Screen Section & Kief Collection:
The grinder’s tall mesh screen section is designed to hold a substantial amount of ground weed while allowing for the generous collection of kief, delivering an enhanced and versatile grinding experience.