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MJ Arsenal

MJ Arsenal - Vulkan Bubbler

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Introducing the Vulkan Mini Bubbler by MJ Arsenal, a masterpiece that erupts with unmatched power and intensity. Inspired by the mighty forces of volcanoes, this compact bubbler delivers an exhilarating smoking experience like no other. Crafted with precision and care, this bubbler is handmade from 100% borosilicate glass, making it exceptionally durable. 

Designed with portability in mind, the Vulkan Mini Bubbler is the ideal companion for those who seek adventure and exploration. Prepare to be blown away by its performance and unleash the power of a consumption experience that will leave you in awe. 

Material: 100% Borosilicate Glass
Dimensions: 4in x 1.75in x 4in

What’s in the box:
Vulkan Mini Bubbler