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GRAV - Deco Beaker with Silicone Skin

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Looking for the premium smoking experience of a traditional glass bong and the durability of silicone?

The GRAV® Deco Beaker in Silicone gives you the best of both worlds: a clean smoke and the safeguard of food-grade silicone to protect your investment.

Because you’re a savvy consumer.

Unlike other silicone bongs that can seriously spoil the flavor of quality flower, this piece is primarily borosilicate. So you get the super clean hits you want. And removable silicone cushions protect the most common breakpoints: the base, mouthpiece, and downstem joint.

The Deco Beaker is a classic shape with subtle upgrades. A wide base creates a substantial chamber to fill. And a gentle slope to the beaker’s sides reflects Art Deco influences.

This hybrid silicone bong also comes with two silicone cleaning caps for the mouthpiece and downstem opening. Pour in your isopropyl alcohol and some coarse salt, cap the openings, and shake-shake-shake until it looks brand-spanking-new. Toss the silicone pieces in your dishwasher’s silverware compartment to get them squeaky clean.

This glass and silicone water pipe includes:

– A sleek beaker-style bong with a wide base for a spacious chamber
– A borosilicate downstem
– A GRAV® 14mm Cup Bowl
– Removable silicone cushions at the most common breakpoints: base, mouthpiece, and joint
– A removable fission downstem tip in silicone
– Two silicone cleaning caps
– All silicone pieces are dishwasher safe
– Use with dry herb or add a banger (not included) for dabs


  • Designed by: Micah Evans
  • Height -mm: 241.3
  • Length -mm: 127
  • Width -mm: 127
  • Joint: 14mm Female
  • Main material: Borosilicate/Silicone
  • Use with: Flower & Concentrate