SnowTree Instructions

1. Attach blue pad of choice to BoroBuddy Pad Holder (bar or circular)

2. Rinse piece with hot water, (99% ISO for best results but not required for every clean)

3. Insert BoroBuddy Pad Holder with BoroBuddy Pad into the joint or neck of your piece.

4. Use BoroBuddy Handle to attract BoroBuddy Pad Holder.

5. Wipe off all resin.

6. Rinse again with water.

7. Enjoy!

Use Forceps to remove pad when necessary.


***DO NOT put more than one magnet at a time inside the piece.***.

***If the BoroBuddy Pad Holder does not fit in your piece seamlessly, DO NOT push it into the piece.***

DO NOT shake the piece while BoroBuddy Pad Holder is loose inside.

Best used when water is in the piece

Do not let your BoroBuddy sit on your glass for extended periods of time.