Why a Magnetic Bong Cleaner is Important

Why A Magnetic Glass Bong Cleaner is Important

Before jumping into the importance of using a magnetic glass cleaner on your bongs, bubblers, pipes and smoking devices there are a few things you should know about dirty bongs and dirty bong water.

Why You Must Always Keep your Bong Clean

Negative Health effects

Keeping your bong clean is extremely important for many reasons. First of all, harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and mildew love to live inside dirty bongs. When you take a hit from a dirty bong, these bacteria are inhaled along with the smoke from fresh green buds.

This can have some nasty side effects. For example, it can lead to respiratory infections such as bronchitis and phenomena. It can also lead to difficulty breathing, allergic reactions, and other health problems. Yikes!

Nasty Smoking Experience

Dirrty bongs produce a harsh, unpleasant smoke, which ruins the taste and enjoyment of your cannabis or tobacco product (you can use BoroBuddy magnetic glass cleaner on your hookah too!)

The microorganisms that cling to resin and biofilm produce toxins that destroy the quality of the smoke, and make it taste disgusting. They also make your bong smell bad.

Additionally, dirty bongs and rigs can accumulate a build-up of resin and ashes that produce an acrid smoke.

Don't Let your Bong get Clogged!

Dirty bongs can become clogged and difficult to use.

This makes smoking frustrating and less enjoyable. When a glass piece becomes clogged, it’s hard to pull smoke through it, which can leave you breathless or dizzy after trying to take a big hit.

When this happens, smoke will often escape your piece, which wastes a ton of weed or other products. This problem can easily be avoided by regularly cleaning your bong.

If you want to stay healthy, improve the taste and quality of your smoke, and ensure that your bong is always ready to use, regularly cleaning your bong is a must.

What is Biofilm?

A Glass Piece with Biofilm

The biggest culprit of bacteria found in bongs is Biofilm.

Biofilm is a thin layer of microorganisms that adheres to a surface and produces a slimy film. These microorganisms consist of bacteria, fungi, or algae. They can grow on almost any surface where there is moisture, nutrients, and a surface to adhere to. This can range from the neck and cylinder section of a bong to the outside glass in a dab rig.

Biofilm in the cylinder of the piece

How is Biofilm Formed?

The formation of biofilm is a natural process that occurs when microorganisms secrete a slimy substance called an exopolysaccharide matrix, which enables them to adhere to a surface and form a protective layer.

Does that sound like something you should be smoking?

This matrix helps to protect the microorganisms from external threats such as drying out, UV radiation, and antibiotics. As you can imagine, Biofilm can be difficult to remove, and requires the use of both physical and mechanical cleaning methods. BoroBuddy magnetic glass cleaner is the perfect solution, and makes life so much easier.

How to Use Your SnowTree BoroBuddy Magnetic Glass Cleaner

The Borobuddy Magnetic Glass Cleaner

The BoroBuddy is a magnetic bong cleaner that is designed to help you easily and effectively scrub your bong clean.

It is a specialized cleaning tool that uses cleaning scrub pads attached to powerful magnets to physically remove biofilm and other contaminants from the inside of your bong.

The BoroBuddy makes keeping your glass clean easy...plus its kind of fun to use too!

You won't regret buying the BoroBuddy magnetic glass cleaner.

The BoroBuddy Handle. The BoroBuddy comes in this box.

How Does the BoroBuddy Magnetic Glass Cleaner Work?

The BoroBuddy uses magnets, that attach to cleaning pads, in order to physically and mechanically remove biofilm from the inside of your bong, dab rig, or glass piece. The BoroBuddy works by using two magnets; one is placed inside the bong and one is controlled on the outside of the glass piece using the BoroBuddy handle.

As you move the magnetic handle, the other magnetic piece with the cleaning pad attached, is scrubbing from the inside. The different cleaning pad shapes are amazing for reaching hard to clean areas.

A Step by Step Process: How to Use the BoroBuddy Magnetic Glass Cleaner

To clean your piece with the BoroBuddy magnetic glass cleaner, start by attaching the blue cleaning pad of your choice to the BoroBuddy Pad Holder.

These pads come in either bar or circular shape, with matching BoroBuddy magnetic pads.

Next, rinse the piece with hot water. For a deeper clean, you can choose to use Isopropyl Alcohol, but this is not required for every cleaning.

However, if you've gone months without properly scrubbing your bong, it's probably best to use isopropyl on your first BoroBuddy magnetic glass clean session.

Next, insert the pad holder into the joint or neck of the piece. After that, connect the BoroBuddy handle to the cleaning pad on the inside. These parts will connect easily because they are magnetic.

The magnets connect

Now that you have control of the cleaning pad, move the magnetic holder around in a scrubbing motion clean your piece.

Finally, wipe off all resin and then rinse the piece again with water.

Once you've completed these steps, your piece will be clean and ready to enjoy. If you're confused at all, there's a great video you can watch on the BoroBuddy site that shows how to use it.

You can find that video here.

The bong looks really clean at the end! If you regularly use your Borobuddy magnetic glass cleaner then your bong will look good as new every time you use it.

What comes inside the BoroBuddy cleaning kit?

The BoroBuddy full cleaning kit comes with an outer magnet handle, a bar shaped and circular shaped magnetic glass cleaner, ten bar shaped BoroBuddy cleaning pads, ten circular shaped BoroBuddy cleaning pads, and a pair of forceps tweezer that allow for easy grabbing.

The tweezers are great for disposing the dirty pads. You can buy extra pads if you run out. Replacement pads are in stock over at Amazon or here on our website.

Bar Shaped Cleaning Pads. These attach to the magnetic holder.Circular Shaped Cleaning Pads. These attach to the magnetic glass cleaner holder.Cleaning Pads, Magnetic Holders, Magnetic Handle, Forceps Tweezers. The full magnetic glass cleaner kit.

Why BoroBuddy?

The BoroBuddy is a convenient, no-mess, and cost-effective cleaning solution to keep your bong and other glass pieces in top condition.

You should be able to take pride in your beautiful glass pieces!

Your friends won't be excited to use your bong if it's filthy. The mechanical scrubbing action is more effective against biofilm and res than other methods such as salt, baking soda, vinegar, and other cleaning products. They are not nearly as effective.

Convenience of the BoroBuddy Magnetic Glass Cleaner

The BoroBuddy is amazing for getting to hard to reach places. The soft pads are intended to clean the bends and crevices in your piece, without leaving a scratch on the glass. It's also incredibly easy to use. Some traditional cleaning methods require scrubbing with pipe cleaners and brushes, this is not needed when using BoroBuddy magnetic glass cleaner.

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