The Best Bong Cleaner - Review of Top 10 Products for Cleaning Bongs

The Best Bong Cleaner - Review

#1 – SnowTree’s BoroBuddy Magnetic Glass Bong Cleaner

BoroBuddy Magnetic Glass Bong Cleaner

Snow Tree's BoroBuddy is the undisputed champion when it comes to bong cleaners. Cleaning your bong has never been easier and more effective than with the BoroBuddy bong cleaner. This decision was really a no brainer.

The Borobuddy is designed to help you easily and effectively clean your bong. It utilizes powerful magnets to both physically and mechanically remove biofilm and other harmful contaminants from the inside of your bong. It’s magnetic cleaning system is much more effective at cleaning bongs than traditional cleaning methods.

The way it works is simple. First, give your piece a good rinse with hot water. You can choose to use isopropyl alcohol for a deep clean, but warm water will do the trick. Next, two magnets are used. One is placed inside the bong and one is controlled from the outside using a magnetic handle.

The piece that goes inside the bong comes in different shapes, bar shaped and circular, so you are guaranteed to reach every spot of your piece. The BoroBuddy’s ability to clean these tight spaces is one key reason that it’s locked in as the #1 bong cleaner. Many other bong cleaners make it difficult to get to these hard to reach place.


The BoroBuddy is a convenient, no-mess, easy-to-use and cost-effective cleaning solution that can help you keep your bong and other glassware in top condition.

You should be able to take pride in your beautiful pieces. If you are suffering from a dirty bong, the BoroBuddy would be my #1 suggestion. The BoroBuddy will allow you to have a clean bong and they sell replacement pads so it never gets too dirty or stinky.

I have personally used the BoroBuddy Glass Bong Cleaner for a while now, and I can confidently say the cleaning process is spectacular. Rubbing alcohol is not required. It's also great that you don't need to use a pipe cleaner, cotton swabs, or a bottle brush to clean your bong quickly. There are no Cons when it comes to the BoroBuddy.

#2 - Super Scrubber Duckys

Super Scrubber Duckys

The Super Scrubber Ducky is a magnetic bong cleaning tool that takes the shape of a duck. The product is used to clean the inside of bongs, dab rigs, and other similar smoking devices. It's made of non-toxic materials and is completely safe to use.

The duck's body can be filled with bong cleaner solution, allowing the user to easily apply the cleaning solution to the inside of the bong. The duck's feet and beak can be used as scrubbers to clean that stubborn residue. They can also be used to break up and remove resin build-up to keep your bong clean.

Scrubber Ducky

Cons of Super Scrubber Duckys

The duck-shaped cleaning pads are definitely a unique feature, and may sound like a great idea. However, they are not the most effective at cleaning hard to reach places. I prefer when I have a choice of what shape to use, for example bar shaped or circular.

If you need to clean your smoking pieces, the Super Scrubber Ducky is a good choice. You will be able to keep your bong clean and remove stuck on resin, without the need to soak your piece in salt, baking soda, or an alcohol mixture.

#3 - Crud Bud Alcohol Soaked Cotton Buds

Crud Bud Alcohol Soaked Cotton Buds

Pulsar Crud Buds are a specialized cleaning product specifically for cleaning a pipe, a bowl, or bongs. They are made of cotton swabs that have been soaked in alcohol. The cotton buds help to eliminate the resin buildup that accumulates inside your bong pieces overtime.

They are very simple to use. First pour out any dirty bong water that is leftover in your piece. Then, insert the cotton swab into your bong and swirl it around to clean the inside. The fibers on the swab help to scrub away any stuck on resin. The isopropyl alcohol dissolves the resin.

After cleaning, you should rinse your bong out with clean water. It doesn't matter if you use hot water or cold water.

Cons of Crud Bud Alcohol Soaked Cotton Buds

I wouldn't recommend these to someone using an acrylic bong or a silicone bong, because there's a higher chance of the isopropyl alcohol causing damage to the materials.

Any alcohol based product used to clean a bong can be dangerous. Alcohol is extremely flammable. If there is residue of the alcohol leftover when you light your bong, there can be major consequences.

There are many other ways to clean your bong. For example, magnetic bong cleaners, coarse salt, pipe cleaner, and bong cleaning solutions. In my opinion these all provide a better cleaning process.

In theory, the Crud Bud is just a Q tip soaked in alcohol. It may be more convenient because the cotton buds come pre-applied with isopropyl alcohol, however it is much more expensive. I can go to the store myself and buy a huge box of cotton swabs and a large bottle of rubbing alcohol for the same price as one small package of Crud Bud Swabs.

#4 - SnowTree Fan Tip Variety Pack

Snow Tree Fan Tip

The SnowTree Fan Tip Variety Pack is one of the highlest rated bong cleaners. It comes as a set of cleaning brushes/pipe cleaners that are designed to clean a pipe, a bowl, glass bongs, acrylic bongs, and silicone bongs. I personally use one to keep my bowl clean.

Cleaning brushes are an essential tool to keep your bong clean and in working condition. The variety pack comes in various sizes and shapes.

SnowTree Fan Tip

My favorite part about this product is the fan tip, which ensures you won’t scratch glass, ceramic, metal or plastic. Everyone I've talked to about the SnowTree Fan Tip, has said it's a great way to clean your bong.

Cons of SnowTree Fan Tip Variety Pack

I wanted to rate this one higher, but there is just one thing that is preventing me. They don't last forever. The fan tips can be cleaned and reused for a good amount of time, however they will ultimately get too gunked up. Once they become too dirty and sticky, they won't be effective and you'll have to buy a new one.

#5 - Cusipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber

Cusipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber

The Cusipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber is a great tool to clean your dirty bong. It uses powerful magnets to scrub away resin, mold, and dirt build up from your bong. It works by attaching a magnetic head to a magnetic cleaning pad. This allows the user to scrub the glass without having to hold the cleaning pad directly.

The Cusipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber is a great tool for reaching nooks and crannies of your bong. It's also an effective way to clean your piece without affecting the taste and quality of the smoke.

Cons of Cusipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber

Overall, the Cusipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber is basically a worse version of the BoroBuddy. The Cusipro Magnetic Spot Scrubber is also too small to remove hard weed resin because it's designed for algae.

A huge problem with the cleaning process is that it is very hard to replace the cleaning pads. When using the Spot Scrubber you need to frequently replace the cleaning pads. The magnetic head is not very durable either.

#6 - Blaster Bong Cleaner Powder

Blaster Bong Cleaner Powder

The Blaster Bong Cleaner powder is a cleaning powder that you mix with clean water. We have found that hot water works best. It can be be used to clean the inside of glass bongs, silicone bongs, and acrylic bongs.

The cleaning powder is made of a different kinds of salt, citric acid, and enzymes that work together to break down the build up of resin. The Blaster Bong cleaning powder is significantly more effective than using baking soda, rubbing alcohol, or coarse salt.

To use this cleaning solution, first pour out any old bong water that may still be in your piece. Next, fill your bong with the bong cleaner solution and shake. After that, rinse your piece with either hot water or warm water.

If your bong is really dirty, you may want to let the solution sit for a bit before rinsing. Once completed you'll be left with a clean bong.

Cons of Blaster Bong Cleaner Powder

However, there's a few reasons why the Blaster Bong Cleaner Powder rated down at #5. First of all, it has a strong odor that many people find unpleasant. Overtime, this odor can start effecting the taste while you are smoking.

Also, it's sometimes difficult to completely rinse away the bong cleaner solution, leaving residue in the bong. This can be harmful to certain materials such as glass and acrylic. Furthermore it can be expensive.

#7 - Formula 420 Glass Cleaner

Formula 420 Glass Cleaner

Formula 420 Glass Cleaner is a cleaning solution used to clean pipes and bongs. It's a fast-acting and effective cleaner that can remove stubborn stains and resin buildup. It's formula is specifically designed to be used on glass, so it is very unlikely for it to damage or scratch the material.

Formula 420 Glass Cleaner is super easy to use. Simply soak your piece in the 420 cleaning solution for a few minutes, then rinse it thoroughly with water. Make sure to use a paper towel to wipe off any excess. Its fast acting and has a pleasant citrus scent.

Cons of Formula 420 Glass Cleaner

Chemical-based cleaning solutions are potentially harmful to inhale. You have to make sure you thoroughly wash your piece out before using it or you can be subjecting yourself to danger. Some people may be allergic or sensitive to the ingredients used in the cleaner which can cause health problems. You need to make sure you piece is rinsed completely before enjoying your next smoke session.

Because the Formula 420 Glass Cleaner is specifically designed to be used for glass, it may not be suitable for cleaning certain types of materials, such as acrylic or metal.

Another common problem with cleaning solutions is the price, they are rather expensive and don't last very long.

#8 - Kushmore Ultrasonic Cleaning Kit

Kushmore Ultrasonic Cleaning Kit

The Kushmore Ultrasonic Cleaning Kit is a cleaning product for use on glass pipes and bowls. It uses ultrasonic technology to create high-frequency sound waves that agitate and remove dirt build up, grime, and residue from the surface of the glass.

The ultrasonic technology is gentle on the glass and will not scratch or damage the surface. This cleaning process is not an abrasive method.

It does a good job of cleaning small, hard-to-reach areas that are difficult to clean with traditional methods such as a pipe cleaner, isopropyl alcohol, or salt.

The Kushmore Ultrasonic Cleaning Kit is very simple to use. Simply fill the cleaning tank with water and cleaning solution, and turn on the ultrasonic cleaner. After that, let your piece air dry. You will have a clean piece within minutes. When you are ready to use the cleaning kit again, just pour out the old water and repeat the process.

Cons of Kushmore UltraSonic Cleaning Kit

The Kushmore Ultrasonic cleaning kit is really meant to clean a dirty pipe or bowl. It's not big enough to clean large bongs. It is also significantly more expensive than other cleaning methods. Even with the expensive price, you will also have to keep buying more cleaning solution as well.

One thing that I don't like about the Kushmore Ultrasonic Cleaning Kit is that it has to be plugged in to operate, which is very inconvenient. Also, it's supposed to be used to clean glass pieces, it doesn't work well if you are trying to clean silicone.

#9 - Zen Pipe Cleaners

Zen Pipe Cleaners

Zen Pipe Cleaners are a type of cleaning product used to clean a dirty pipe, bowl and bongs. They are inserted into the pipe, bowl, or bong to scrub away any resin, dirt, and grime.

Zen Pipe Cleaners use natural fibers that are considered to be environmentally friendly. They do a great job of cleaning hard-to-reach areas. They come in different shapes and sizes so it can be used on many different types of smoking devices.

Cons of Zen Pipe Cleaners

Zen Pipe Cleaners require a lot of physical work, time, and effort to clean your piece, and even then they are not as effective as other cleaning methods on this list.

Another big problem with Zen Pipe Cleaners is that the metal wire tip can easily scratch glass. Also, the pipe cleaners can only be used 1 or 2 times before you need a new one, making them extremely wasteful.

#10 - Piece Water Solution

Piece Water Solution

The Piece Water Solution is a water replacement that tries to eliminate the need to clean your bong altogether. Piece Water Solution acts as a filter, which makes for cleaner and smoother hits. It also eliminates the need to clean your bong with harsh chemicals.

The Piece Water Solution comes premixed for a precise clean blend every time.

Cons of Piece Water Solution

This cleaning process doesn't actually clean anything, it just helps prevent it from becoming dirty in the first place. However, we have found that it is not very effective. You will still need to clean your piece often. Also, if you want to avoid mold, you have to change the water frequently. Some people have also reported that it changes the flavor when you are smoking.

It's a good bong water solution, but you shouldn't add it to an already dirty bong.